There is a growing demand today for instruction for young people in Success Skills: Communication, Listening, Attitude, and People Skills. Our ultimate goal is to help kids maximize their potential.

Teaching these skills  through our experiential diversity training program, YOU give teens the gift of Self-Belief as you prepare them for a successful and meaningful future. Plus you get to enjoy the freedom of setting your own daily schedule, knowing how impactful and lucrative your GoSuccess! work is! 



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GoSuccess! Is a Template for Life.

We Need Your Help to Imbue Teens With Confidence and a Strong Belief in Themselves. Classes can be held online or in person.


You Will Receive Extensive Training To Build A Successful Speaking and Training Business




Help Teens Succeed in Our Fast-Changing Jobs Market, Choosing the Hours You Want to Work

Confident kids are made, not born!

Become a Licensed Trainer with GoSuccess! Start Your Own Training Business! Teach Leadership  (Success) Skills to Teens 


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We are seeking 3 - 4 people interested in teaching GoSuccess! and expanding the program using your area of expertise to propel the program onto the international stage.

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Alessandra M:
“The final and probably most important skill that I learned in class was to only look for the positive in people. Because we were instructed to write down only positive things on our evaluation cards, picking out the good in people instead of bad has become second nature to me. This skill not only makes other people feel better but it also reflects itself on my own disposition. When a person learns to see the positive in other people it brings a much more peaceful, optimistic outlook to the rest of the world around them.”
Paul I:
“This was a class that I enjoyed very much, and at the same time learned even more. This class helped me with one of my biggest weaknesses and made me stronger in it than I ever thought I could be. I loved going to this class to see what I was going to learn that day. Plus, on top of everything else I believe that this class gave me a lot of self-confidence in myself that I never knew existed before.
Andrew M:
 “. . . the best thing I got out of this class were the friendships and connections I made. It wasn’t so much at all what I learned in this class this year, but who I learned about and I guess in a small way that I may have been able to do for them.”

GoSuccess! Makes a Difference!



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  • Speaking Skills for Teens
  • Discover Your Passion for Teens
  • Kids Mentoring Kids
  • Basic Training for Trainers



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  • Three "Basic" Courses
  • Raise Confident Kids 
  • Serenity Spa for Moms
  • One Talk Fits All
  • Attitude Training



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  • Six Previous Courses
  • Secret Shopper
  • Profit From Your Passion
  • The Validating Mentor
  • Legacy Program


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