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The call center agents who answer the phone are the face of your business. Without them you would have no business. Thus, they need proper instruction and training to provide exemplary customer service. There are many aspects that must be taken into consideration while instructing employees. They do need to know the importance of customer service and the importance of making a good first impression. If done effectively, employees will have a positive attitude which will be reflected in their work attitude.

Before giving instructions to employees, keep in mind the following tips:

Make your introduction good: Before giving instructions to personnel, make sure to make the introduction good. Make sure that the customer knows that you are the representative of the company and that you are glad they called. Remember, a bad introduction can damage a customer relationship since people do remember where they heard of someone coming from.

Make eye contact: Remember that the customer is looking at the person who is giving the instructions. Make sure to show interest in the customer by making eye contact and showing interest in their business.

Be polite: Remember there will be times when some instructions will have to be given and some things have to be done even though the customer does not want them to be done. Be polite about this and explain to the customer why it is being done.

Ask the customer if they want to continue: As a customer service representative, you should never just hang up on a customer. You should always ask the customer if they want to continue. This is a very important question because it shows the customer that they are being thought about and it also shows the customer you are interested in them. In doing this, you are showing the customer you care about them. Remember, a customer service representative is there to help them out.

Ask if they do have questions: Remember to always ask the customer if they have any questions. Also know when the customer does have some questions, then to ask them if they do have any questions.

Be confident: Remember, customer service is about confidence and confidence will carry through in your voice and facial expressions. Remember that confidence is reflected in your body language and eye contact. Remember to always be confident while working with someone and it will lead to a satisfied customer and continued business.

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