employability skills

If a student wants to be a doctor, it is obvious that he or she must go to medical school and master the skills of that profession. Plumber needs skills in their area of work.

Every profession needs specialty skills, but there are a set of skills that are almost as important as  technical skills, and those are the ones all employers desire their people to have.

1. Positive attitude. Being calm and cheerful when things go wrong.

2. Communication Skills - Physical, Verbal and Non-Verbal.

3. Confidence—comfortable with themselves and believe in themselves.

4. Listening skills.

5. Self-reliance.

6. Dependability.

7. Honesty.

8. Professionalism and a strong work ethic

9. Loyalty.

10. Human relation skills.

If well trained doctors lack these skills, patients may go elsewhere for medical treatment. Everyone wants to feel kindness or at least understanding from the person they are working with.

One rotten apple can spoil the bunch, and if there is a rotten apple in a company, its future is not assured. People who are treated poorly in work or in a shop tend to decide not to return.

Everybody likes to feel good, and employees and employers who stress the importance of these skills will feel good every day. Always park negative attitudes at the door!


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